Radcliffe Risk Consultancy can provide security solutions, mitigating the risk of loss or damage to clients and their assets. Our company works independently from system manufacturers, which allows us to build the best security systems depending on the clients budgets. Each security system is unique, as all systems are designed around our consultants assessed risks towards clients.
Radcliffe Risk Consultancy has the expertise to protect our clients using many methods, anywhere in the world.

CCTV is one of the most powerful tools for security, allowing technology to deter and detect threats before the risks are realised. Radcliffe Risk Consultancy can install IP network camera systems to provide clients high definition, state of the art security. We also provide analogue camera systems and upgrades from analogue to IP. Technologies, such as thermal imaging, IR and video analytics are all used to provide our clients with the most capable systems possible.

Access Control
Access control is an integral part of a security system, providing protection and delaying intrusion to restricted areas. Access control can also be used as a management tool, allowing the control of personnel movement within a facility. Access control methods differ depending on the value of asset being protected, therefore we will always install greater security measures and capabilities in areas of high risk.

Perimeter Protection
There are many ways of conducting perimeter protection, whether that is with physical barriers or response to surveillance. There are many technologies on the market including sensors, electronic fences and video analytical systems. All these systems have their advantages and faults, Radcliffe Risk Consultancy will determine the best product by assessing the unique risks to clients.

Radcliffe Risk Consultancy acknowledges that not all problems can be solved with physical protection. We can provide a bespoke investigation solution to our clients, minimizing known and un-known risks. This can enable clearer judgment and better business decisions to be made. There are many tools available to ascertain facts, we believe in discretion when carrying out investigative work to find them.

Manned protection
Physical protection often needs a professional person to read situations better than any technology can. Radcliffe Risk Consultancy understands the advantages manned security can have, however in most cases these security assets work best in tandem. Manned protection can be used in many forms; from security guard, professional driver or close protection officer. Manned protection can deliver security to clients where a physical response is required.